The social media site now has the capability of sending price alerts for many of the items users “pin” onto their virtual boards.

Pinterest will now email price alerts to users when prices drop for items they’ve pinned on their boards.

“This could significantly change the way that e-commerce attracts business and markets its products,” Eileen Brown wrote for tech website ZDNet. “Now with proactive push notification of price changes, customers will be more tempted to buy from the brand. … It is a nice move into P-commerce and a sure way of getting offers shared across Pinterest.”

Mashable’s Lauren Indvik reported Thursday, “The alerts should work for most product pins. As of a few months ago, Pinterest started automatically loading price data for many major retailers' products and is now taking advantage of price adjustment data. A Pinterest spokesperson was unable to say how many retailers had signed on to the program but did confirm that Pinterest is not taking a cut of any sales.”

Last year the Deseret News wrote about Pinterest’s potential to enrich families and young children: “Pinterest is here to stay. Indeed, it functions as a hub for the kind of user-generated aggregation that reduces the amount of time needed for best practices and popular innovations to permeate the masses. … One area where this phenomenon is particularly evident is with techniques for parenting young children.”