A man arrested last week in a bizarre incident that allegedly involved kidnapping, attempted murder and a police pursuit from Summit to Salt Lake County, was charged Monday. His alleged victim is also in trouble with the law.

SALT LAKE CITY — A man accused of trying to kill a woman he initially took to breakfast says he wanted to see if "I had it in me," according to court records.

Jeremy Deangilo Storm, 21, who was arrested last week in a bizarre incident that allegedly involved kidnapping, attempted murder and a police pursuit from Summit to Salt Lake County, was charged Monday in 3rd District Court with aggravated kidnapping, a first-degree felony; attempted murder, a second-degree felony; two counts of drug possession with intent to distribute, one second-degree and one third-degree felony; and four other counts including disobeying an officer's commands and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On July 24, Storm picked up a woman from the area of the homeless shelter and took her to McDonald's, 210 W. 500 South, according to the charges. Police initially reported the two met for the first time that morning.

After breakfast, the woman noticed her wallet was missing and confronted Storm about it, making him angry, the charges state.

"I am going to teach you a lesson for disrespecting me," he allegedly told her.

Storm locked all the doors of the car the two were in and pointed a handgun at the woman, the charges state. A short time later, Storm located a second woman in South Salt Lake, whom he may have known previously, and allegedly forced her into the vehicle. The first woman told investigators she recognized the second woman from the shelter.

Storm drove the two women to the Olympic Ski Jump area in Park City where police say he attacked the first woman by grabbing her head and chin and twisted it in an attempt to break her neck, according to prosecutors.

"I thought you wanted to die," Storm told the woman, according to court records.

He also tried pinching her nose and covering her mouth in an attempt to smother her, the charges state.

The attack stopped after the woman started bleeding and she continued to scream for help. Storm then drove to a second location in Park City, an apartment complex parking lot, and the second woman started punching the first woman in the back seat while Storm attempted to stab her multiple times, according to the charging documents.

The first woman was able to get out the back door and fall to the ground. That's when Storm "attempted to run over her head," police said.

Storm's vehicle, a Chevy Avalanche, was spotted by a Utah Highway Patrol trooper near Parleys Summit a short time later. The trooper followed the vehicle down the canyon to the 3300 South exit of I-215 where Storm hit two other vehicles before running into a dead end at the end of a Millcreek cul-de-sac. Storm ran off but was taken into custody a short time later.

Police reported finding methamphetamine, marijuana, five cellphones, three drug pipes, a pocket knife and brass knuckles in the vehicle.

The first female victim in the case, Jerrica Salazar, 23, despite being nearly killed, also found herself in trouble with the law. Police say she initially gave investigators a false name. Detectives learned her true identity through fingerprints, and discovered she had an outstanding $76,000 warrant for her arrest.

Salazar was charged in March with using the same false identity — her cousin's name — after being arrested for allegedly shooting heroin at The Gateway, according to charging documents.

A warrant was issued in June for Salazar when she failed to show up to court to face misdemeanor drug-related charges. A second and third warrant were issued for failing to comply with her probation on two separate drug-related convictions in March and November, according to court records.


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