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Dazzling Darrell Griffith drives past PortlandÕs Billy Bates in the final minutes if the Jazz opening game win at the Salt Palace October 11, 1980. Deseret News File/Don M. Grayston

The Jazz franchise has been around for 40 years, and plenty of great players during that time have come and go. Utah has had numerous All-Stars, All-NBA players and even an MVP.

Career honors are plentiful in Jazz history as well. Utah boasts seven Hall of Famers and three players named to the NBA's official 50 greatest players of all-time list released on the NBA's 50th anniversary in 1996.

While that list concerned the entire NBA, this list is composed of the best 25 players that the Jazz have ever had.

Note: Even though the current version of the Jazz has a ton of young potential, none of Utah's current players has done enough to deserve inclusion. Since this is a list of the best players in Jazz history, no other part of their career was considered while deciding where each player ranks.

Here's a look at the best talent to ever put on a Jazz uniform.

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