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Jeff Bridges, left, and Ryan Reynolds in a scene from "R.I.P.D."

‘R.I.P.D’: 3 points for parents

  • Violence — Large guns and a lot of shooting of already dead people, not zombies, though. The dead can be hurt but not killed unless shot in the head by a special bullet. There is some hand-to-hand fighting using many different objects, including debris from buildings. Many of the dead are shot and get “erased.” There is a scene of cops rushing into a building and shooting it out with bad guys; some people die, including a main character. Another non-dead person is stabbed with a metal rod.
  • Sexuality — A wife wakes up her husband by jumping on him in bed. They are in underwear as they roll around the bed, but sexual activity is minimalized, kissing only.
  • Language/gore — There are some verbal references to sexual situations, but not many. Profanity is used but it is mild and not as frequent as it could have been. The dead are disfigured as their souls are rotting while they remain on earth. One of them vomits in a scene.

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