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Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine in a scene from "The Wolverine."

Information for parents about the film "The Wolverine."

  • Violence/gore: Fighting, fighting and more fighting. Most is hand-to-hand combat, there are claws used as well as other weapons from the martial arts. Arrows are shot and used in other ways. There is a depiction of the Nagasaki atomic bomb attack. People commit suicide and some are burned. Many are injured and there is some blood in this film. Also, some people are disfigured by acid. A bear is shot by an arrow and must be put down by Logan. People are killed in some of the fight scenes.
  • Sensuality/nudity: Logan is seen in bed with a woman while dreaming she is in a nightgown. Nothing sexual takes place. Two women are seen in lingerie with a man who disrobes to his underwear. They are seen kissing and dancing around. Logan is reluctantly given a bath by two women. Logan is frequently without a shirt.
  • Language: There is some infrequent use of language in the film, but it is noticeable.

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