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The most recent cover of TIME Magazine has some raising their eyebrows at the image of Pope Francis in front of the letter M, saying the placement appears to give the pope horns.

The July 29 cover of TIME Magazine’s international edition will feature Pope Francis, and it has some people questioning the placement of the pope’s image in front of the letter “M” in TIME, saying it appears as though the pope has horns.

“Is it just me, or does it look like TIME magazine gave the Pope some devil horns?!” said Vijay Nazareth on Twitter.

But other commenters note that the this is not the first time the “M” appears to give faces on TIME's cover horns. Past issues that have given some readers similar impressions have featured George W. Bush, Prince Charles, Vladimir Putin and Margaret Thatcher.

While some interpret the supposed horns as a subliminal message, others say it is simply a coincidence.

When the fast-food chain Wendy’s released a new version of its logo in April, some people likewise speculated that it had a secret message also incorporating the letter "m": the word “mom.”

But Wendy’s officials said the placement of “mom” in the logo was unintentional.

“We are aware of this and find it interesting that it appears our Wendy cameo has ‘mom’ on her ruffled collar,” said Denny Lynch, Wendy’s senior vice president of communications in an email to The Huffington Post. “We can assure you it was unintentional.”

Other company logos, such as FedEx, Toblerone and Baskin Robbins, have intended images and messages that may require a second look.

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