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"Zucchini Pie: Granny's Recipe for Life" is a new novel by Susan Aylworth.

"ZUCCHINI PIE: Granny's Recipe for Life," by Susan Aylworth, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 260 pages (f)

Told from the different perspectives of grieving family members, "Zucchini Pie: Granny's Recipe for Life" is a fictional tale filled with family secrets and unique recipes. Granny Adelaide, the centurion matriarch of the Burnett family, leaves her progeny with the seemingly impossible task of getting together for a family dinner after her funeral.

However, for this feat to happen the splintered Burnett family will have to reach across years of silence and anger to fulfill their matriarch's wishes.

Mormon author Susan Aylworth weaves a tale easy to get caught up in and readers will find themselves staying up past bedtime as they become entwined in the Burnett family drama. Aylworth also prefaces each chapter with various favorite recipes of the fictional Burnett family.

The Burnett family members and their lives are captivating. While all are in mourning for their beloved granny, each main character also has their own trials to overcome.

Karen, a self-proclaimed "overfunctioner," feels the weight of making the first efforts toward forging family ties with a group of people her husband has chosen to ignore for decades after a family member decided to leave as she honors her husband's paternal grandmother's wishes.

Tom, a man with a tarnished childhood, cannot forgive the wrongs done to him so long ago. Stephanie, their daughter who unexpectedly moved home, has to deal with her suspicions regarding her own sanity.

Emily, a bubbly teenager, is forced to undergo a maturity growth spurt as she realizes there are other things more important than her personal aspirations. Eventually, as the novel winds down, the family angst turns to sweetness, sometimes a little too much, and the Burnetts find themselves with a happy ending.

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“Zucchini Pie” has characters who are members of and trying to live the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The book deals with mental illness and its possible effects on a family. It has clean language, no violence and only a few vague references toward sex. It's a book LDS adults will be entertained with but feel comfortable giving their teenagers to read.

Aylworth attended Brigham Young University and currently resides of northern California. A member of the LDS Church, “Zucchini Pie” is her latest book.

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