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Natalie Barrett
Three Cheese grilled cheese at Melty Way.

Editor’s note: Natalie Barrett experiences what it’s like to dine out with her 3-year-old daughter, Elle.

After our Sunday activities, I usually am able to please my family with a very casual midday meal of grilled cheese.

Let me tell you, my grilled cheese is not anything to put your nose up at. It usually consists of whatever bread I have left over from the week, a healthy helping of butter and some basic American cheese. It definitely does the trick of curbing hunger.

Melty Way, located at 821 W. State Road in American Fork, is focused on a lot more than just keeping its customers full. It uses Texas toast baked by a local bakery and offers 13 different varieties of cheese as well as homemade dipping sauces.

Just to give you a sampling of the cheeses available, I ordered up the Three Cheese, which contained aged cheddar, creamy havarti and pepper jack. The cheeses had a kick from the pepper jack but they were mellowed out beautifully with the havarti and brought alive the down-home taste of the cheddar. The bread was crusty, thick and soft, but not over-powered by butter. The ratio of bread-to-butter-to-cheese was immaculate.

Elle was absolutely thrilled when I told her we were eating grilled cheese. Cheese is a universal language to toddlers. If I think about all of Elle's favorite dishes — macaroni and cheese, pizza, cheese and crackers — all have cheese. Her go-to snack: string cheese.

The kids' grilled cheese kept my wallet happy at $2.99 and my child playful with the amount of cheese that flowed over as she bit into the bread with a big, cheesy grin. It was pure giddiness that I hadn't seen since she last played in the splash pads popping up all over the valley.

To top off the grilled cheese outing, we had amazing root beer floats. The root beer is brewed by Wasatch Brewery and served with two large scoops of vanilla ice cream. What made it incredible was the rich, bold root beer with just the right amount of sweetness and bubbles. The ice cream made it creamy and perfectly sweet. It was the perfect cool refreshment to top off our indulgent meal. The price of the root beer float, also $2.99, made me pretty satisfied, too.

Melty Way has two more locations — in Midvale and a location in Sugar House that opened July 4, 2013. Another Utah County location will be popping up at the end of 2013 as well as a food truck around the same time.