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The free YouVision Bible app reached 100 million downloads last Sunday.

Since the 1611 publication of the King James Version, the Bible has become a standard work in many personal libraries — be that physical or digital. Last Sunday, the YouVision Bible app reached 100 million downloads since its release in 2008.

"We're excited to see the Bible rising in the ranks because it means God's word is becoming more widely known," said Pastor Bobby Gruenewald of in Oklahoma in an interview with The Christian Post. "One day we hope it would far exceed the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram."

The free YouVision Bible app was among the first 200 apps available in Apple’s now five-year-old App Store. The Bible app creators believe the app’s popularity will continue to grow.

"The most exciting part about hitting 100 million installs is that it's just the beginning," Gruenewald said in his interview with The Christian Post. "Time and time again we've seen God use milestones like this to fuel exponential growth. In fact, we hit 50 million installs just 14 months ago in May 2012. We know there's so much more God wants to do to get people engaged in his word, and we truly believe it starts with 100 million."

The Bible is a work many take interest in. On Google Trends, the Bible has been in the top 10 books for the past 114 months (9.5 years), and it is also the most frequently shoplifted book, according to

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