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We are really saddened with his passing. Our hearts go out to his family. —Tifie spokesman John Galey

MT. PLEASANT, Sanpete County — A 14-year-old Boy Scout died Tuesday night after he was run over by a truck and trailer collecting garbage at a Scout camp.

Bruce Rhiddlehoover, who was known as Rocky, was performing a nightly duty of going around Tifie Scout Camp at Mountain Dell Scout Ranch and picking up trash when he fell under a trailer about 8 p.m., said Utah National Parks Council Scout Executive David Pack.

"He slipped and fell underneath the tires of the trailer that was carrying the trash," he said.

Pack was with the boys' parents Tuesday night when they were informed of the tragedy. He said their LDS ward in Cedar Hills is providing support and the family's bishop and Relief Society president were with them Tuesday night. The Scout has several brothers and sisters who live outside of Utah who were expected to be notified of the incident Wednesday.

Dan Gallup, first counselor in the LDS Cedar Hills Stake who spoke on behalf of the family, said arrangements are being made for a funeral on Monday.

"He was just a wonderful young man, with very strong character," Gallup said. "He was very sensitive to the feelings of others and really reaching out to friends around him to help them feel included."

Gallup related an example of Rocky's concern for others, saying the boy recently donated three years' worth of his allowance to help a classmate at Mountain Ridge Junior High who is battling cancer.

An estimated 400 to 500 Scouts were at the weeklong summer camp. Grief counselors arrived Wednesday. The camp has been running camps for about a month. Pack said despite the tragedy, the summer camp will continue.

"Scouts are Scouts and they are prepared to do what needs to be done. Camp staff are prepared to continue on and provide great service," he said.

Rocky was a counselor-in-training, hoping to become a camp staff member when he was old enough. He reportedly had been there for several weeks.

"This young man is a great Scout. He donates his time for a few weeks in the summer to come and give service to the other young men who are participants in the Scout camp program and help teach them and do those jobs that a camp staff member would do," Pack said.

"We are really saddened with his passing. Our hearts go out to his family," added Tifie spokesman John Galey.

Amy Wengreen, a mother of another 14-year-old boy in the counselor-in-training program, drove to the camp Wednesday after receiving a phone call from her son. She fought tears as she waited for him in the parking lot.

"As a mom you just want to hug your kid, so that's why I'm here," she said.

Wengreen wasn't sure how well her son knew Rocky, but it was clear from his phone call that he was struggling after the accident. She went to the camp to offer support, and said she would let her son decided whether he wanted to stay.

"He had a hard time catching his words, and instantly I knew something was wrong," Wengreen said. "I think he wants to stay and be here with everyone, which I think is good … He just said everyone has been together and hugging each other and trying to work through it."

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