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Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Jon Wright chips onto the green during the finals of Men's State Amateur Golf Tournament in Salt Lake City Sunday, July 22, 2012. Wright won the tournament. Jeffrey D. Allred/Deseret News

MIDWAY — When the 115th-consecutive edition of the Utah State Amateur golf tournament is played this week at Soldier Hollow Golf Course, it will have a new look.

Not Soldier Hollow, which has played host to three State Ams over the past seven years, or the fact that the field is almost double its usual size. That has been the case at past tournaments at Soldier Hollow, which is able to use two 18-hole courses.

However, this year the field for match play has doubled, meaning that for the first time, 64 golfers will get a chance to compete in the individual matches that determine the eventual champion.

As a result, the tournament has been extended and will now begin on Monday instead of its traditional Wednesday start. Also, the 36-hole two-man final will be held on Saturday rather than Sunday.

A field of 288 golfers will tee off on both the gold and silver courses Monday and the players will switch courses for their second day of play. The low 64 begin match play Wednesday with the round of 32 and 16 on Thursday. The quarterfinals and semifinals will be played Friday, with the finals set for Saturday at 8 a.m.

According to John Taylor, the Utah Golf Association president, the change has been a long time coming.

“We’ve discussed this over a number of years,’’ he said. “Some people were concerned about the depth of field. But we have so many great players now, especially when you start looking at those that are just past No. 32. It’s just kind of a coin flip who’s going to make it.’’

With 288 players in the field, 256 would go home early under the old format, but the new format gives more players a chance to experience match play.

“It’s a real accomplishment to make match play,’’ said Taylor, who did it himself four times in his younger days. “For most people who play in the qualifying, their whole goal is to make match play. It’s not necessarily to win the State Am but to make match play. That’s a goal in itself.’’

UGA executive director Bill Walker noted that the new format mirrors many big amateur events around the country, including the U.S. Amateur Public Links tournament, which was played last summer at Soldier Hollow. In that tournament, the No. 64 seed, Alex Edfort, knocked off No. 1 seed James Erkenbeck in the first round.

The No. 1 seed each year is the defending champion and in 2013 that honor goes to Jon Wright, who won the State Am last year at his home course, the Salt Lake Country Club. The 42-year-old Wright will tee off Monday at 12:43 p.m. with the two previous State Am champions Jeff Evans (2011) and Joe Parkinson (2010).

For Parkinson it will be his first State Am since winning at Alpine as an 18-year-old. He left later that summer on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and he’s been playing for the BYU golf team this past year.

Among the other former champions in the field are Dan Horner, Clark Rustand, Darrin Overson, Todd Barker and Steve Borget. Last year’s runner-up, Christian Jensen, and 2011 runner-up Stratton Schulz are in the field along with college golfers such as Devon Purser, Cole Ogden, Mike Jurca, Brandon Kida, Casey Halliday and Gentry Hicks.

Perhaps the state’s best amateur, 2009 State Am champion Zac Blair, will not be playing this week as he has accepted an invitation to play in the Buy.com Tour’s Utah Championship at Willow Creek CC Thursday through Sunday. Blair made it to last year’s State Am semifinals before losing to eventual champion Wright.

Utah State Amateur

Monday Morning Pairings

Gold Course No. 1 Tee

7:15 a.m.- Jacob Holt, Devon Purser, Dan Horner

7:25- Brandon Kida, Mike Jurca, Tommy Forsman

7:35- Zach Johnson, Nick Smart, Uitualagi Laauli

7:45- Jordan Hammer, Ryan Brimley, Jeff Jolley

7:55- Mike Branca, Kirk Siddens, Hayden Christensen

8:05- Nic Booth, Nate Nyman, Conner Jones

8:15- Clark Rustand, Nick Drost, Connor Van Gilder

8:25- Tommy Higham, Stratton Schulz, Rhett Rasmussen

8:35- Dave Poggi, Cole Crowther, Justin Shaw

8:45- Pete Bennett, Jeff Powars, Berkley Stulce

8:55- Colton Dallimore, Matt Bushman, George Williams

9:05- Robert Smart, Brett Garner, Thomas Young

Gold Course No. 10 Tee

7:15- Tyler Miner, Jon Christensen, Michael Coopman

7:25- Jason Smith, Scott Fairbanks, Stewart Rutter

7:35- Dale Thomas, Pat Murphy, Chris Grant

7:45- Steve Croft, Bob Mitchell, Austin Zetting

7:55- Jeremy Tye, Rich Harrington, Mike Jorgensen

8:05- Kalin Peterson, Robert Woods, Braxton Barber

8:15- Brady Boman, Boston Watts, Craig Wilson

8:25- Todd Francis, Kurt Jamison, Jason Struck

8:35- Brady Stanger, Corey Matthews, Michael Johnson

8:45- Ike Tingey, Andrew Harveson, Rigo Jimenez

8:55- Reed Nielsen, Steve Borget, Nick Collazo

9:05- Bubba Hall, Casey Murray, Shawn Micek

Silver Course No. 1 Tee

 7:18- Mike Rowley, Matt McArthur, Casey Halliday

7:28- Cody Wass, Jake Peterson, Aaron Hutchings

7:38- Bjorn Rejo, Jacob Wagstaff, Derek Squire

7:48- Curtis Cook, Blake Henson, Jason Labrum

7:58- Garrett McBride, Jeremy Thomas, Joshua Jensen

8:08- Derek Smith, Nathan Archibald, Chris Jackson

8:18- Mike Holm, Ryan Bolton, Jose Valle

8:28- Tim Erickson, Peter Stuhr, Chris Wheat

8:38- Dustin Richardson, Justin Bateman, Zane Stanger

8:48- Paul Hammer, Jonathan Zawislak

8:58- Brian Young, Chick Lignell, Andrew Howe

9:08- Dan Ihler, Roger Dorman, Erik Heiny

Silver Course No. 10 Tee

7:21- Kyler Edgehouse, Scott Drake, Bryce Till

7:31- Jeff Ford, Fred Larsen, Lee Schulz

7:41- Corbin Chasel, Andrew Sellers, Robert Tomsick

7:51- Ryan Edvalson, Josh Colledge, Alex Herzog

8:01- Cory Alder, Kurt Bell, Scott Sharman

8:11- Matt McCandless, Mark Newey, Dexter Edwards

8:21- Jordan Tingey, Steve Warnick, Denny Job

8:31- Jared Empey, Troy Parsons, Charlie Gladwell

8:41- Dylan Chugg, Dan Kooyman, Brennan Wright

8:51- Mike Jones, Chad Brown, Casey Shaw

9:01- Brian Zullo, Jeremy Tomsick, Lonnie Strasburg

9:11- Christopher Carter, Mason Fox, Ryan Kogan

Utah State Amateur

Monday Afternoon Pairings

Gold Course No. 1 Tee

12:30 p.m. - Christian Jensen, Jay Sheridan, JT Timmons

12:40- Matt Cook, Todd Smithson, Sam Haslam

12:50- Todd Barker, Richard Church, Rob Bachman

1:00- Matt Burton, Elden Parker, Luke Crapo

1:10- Troy Crosland, Keith Olson, Joshua Eldredge

1:20- Riley Moyes, Zach Pymm, Dan Wolfe

1:30- Ryan Simons, Jarrad Kppen, Troy Creer

1:40- John Hansgen, Shayne Burke, Mathieu Squires

1:50- Jeremy Child, Casey Dittman, Jeff Miller

2:00- Michael Walburger, Jay DeJesus, Brady Garn

2:10- Presten Norton, Jaece Stokes, Jaren Hunsaker

2:20- Joe Anderson, Ben Jorgensen, Jeff Randle

Gold Course No. 10 Tee

12:30- Jared Pena, Chace Bickmore, John Lindsay

12:40- Darrin Railsback, Kelly Moore, Andy Jay Neff

12:50- Alex Crandall, Brad Hendrix, Jake Francom

1:00- Tyler Hand, Derek Edvalson, Don Peterson

1:10- Josh Laney, Charlie Swilor, Kurt Carroll

1:20- Brett Kimball, Troy Miya, Davis Evans

1:30- Shay Cowan, T.J. Telford, Kris Thomson

1:40- Tom Obray, Michael Haws, Alex Graser

1:50- John Cadia, Jeff Tucker, Dan Johnson

2:00- Otto Carter, Jake Leigh, Dave Dorton

2:10- Mark Mortensen, Patrick Rimi, Jeremy Edwards

2:20- Zachary Shepherd, Jordan Curtis, Rick Wright

Silver Course No. 1 Tee

12:33- Cole Ogden, Eric Rustand, Gentry Hicks

12:43- Jon Wright, Jeff Evans, Joe Parkinson

12:53- Tyler Abegglen, Carey Shinkle, Tanner Higham

1:03- Noah Cook, Jordan Rodgers, John Owen

1:13- Kai Ruiz, Jason Griggs, Austin Banz

1:23- Kelton Hirsch, Kenny You, Sammy Cole

1:33- Brandon Stoppelmoor, David Cunningham, Darrin Overson

1:43- CJ Lee, Jonathan Oettli, Jonathon Thomas

1:53- Aaron Jorgensen, Justin Shluker, Charlie Duensing

2:03- Adam Tebbs, Steve Poulson, David Booth

2:13- Shane Romano, Dana Nelson, Chris Hermanson

2:23- Mike Hawkins, Rich Tripp, Joey Olson

Silver Course No. 10 Tee

12:36- Jeremy Liddiard, David Jennings, Seokown Jeon

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12:46- Paul Cannon, Preston Richards, Jared Overton

12:56- Brandon Hargett, Andrew Cottle, John Tagge

1:06- Brent Bryson, Brett Sampson, Matthew Loosle

1:16- Riley Morgan, Brett Higgins, Joe Webber

1:26- Greg Snyder, Mark Beese, Jake Stevenson

1:36- Eric Loveland, Clark Jones, Greg Wojtkun

1:46- Mike Behle, Chad Crowther, Blake Murray

1:56- Nate Herzog, Rafe Johnston, Bill Probst

2:06- Josh Summerhays, Justin Labrum, Marc Briggs

2:16- Tanner Howard, Kolton Remund, Zach Bachman

2:26- Dan Nuttal, Tanner Clark, Taylor Yardley.