Card Hub recently ranked the 30 largest cities according to the affordability of their Fourth of July celebration.

Americans are likely to spend upwards of $300 each this Fourth of July, according to a recent report by Card Hub.

Travel expenses, parking, food, hotels and entertainment all add up quickly, which is why Card Hub researched which of the country’s 30 largest cities offered the most affordable Fourth of July celebration.

The study took into account — among other things — the cost of an overnight stay in a local hotel room, the city's “walkability,” how many local art establishments there are (in case the fireworks display just isn’t doing it for you, I suppose), traffic congestion and the likelihood of rain.

What they came up with is a pretty interesting ranking, even if they overlooked some of the famous parades and fireworks displays right here in Utah.

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JJ Feinauer is a graduate of Southern Virginia University and an intern for the Moneywise page on Email: [email protected], Twitter: @jjfeinauer.