Kameron Batchelor had a feeling to visit his great-grandmother Tuesday.
He is like a perfect example of what every child should be, every adult should be. If you have an instinct, follow it. —Chelsea Batchelor

LAYTON — Kameron Batchelor is an average 8-year-old. He rides bikes and plays video games with his friends, watches zombie movies and wants to be a football player.

But Tuesday afternoon, Batchelor did something most children his age will never do — paramedics said he likely saved his great-grandmother's life.

While playing at a friend’s house, he had the thought to go visit his great-grandmother whom he said he doesn’t get to see very often. A prompting he now believes came from God.

"We came here and we knocked on the door and she was like 'Help, help, get a grown-up for help,’” he said. "She said that she was hanging onto the stove but not for long."

His 85-year-old great-grandmother, who has severe arthritis and is in the early stages of dementia, was in her home alone with the doors locked. Batchelor and his friend tried to break down the door but couldn't get in.

They went next door and told an adult what had happened, but Batchelor said he was told, "Your story doesn't add up, I don't believe you." The boys came back to the house and Batchelor used his friend's cellphone to call his mother who was at a nearby grocery store.

"He was very urgent; he said, 'Grandma's falling, I need you to come quick,'" said Chelsea Batchelor, Kameron's mother.

Without wasting any time, Kameron Batchelor and his friend tried to get into the nearly 6-foot-high kitchen window, using gardening tools to rip through the screen.

Kameron boosted his friend up and through the window to unlock the door.

"I saw her laying on the floor," Kameron said. "She already fell and there was blood all over the place."

The boys called Chelsea Batchelor again to tell her they were in the house and his great-grandmother had fallen. Then the boys called 911.

Kameron Batchelor's great-grandmother cut her hand and head, requiring stitches, and broke her hip. The family was also notified about an unknown heart condition.

"I think God sent me over here to do it," Kameron Batchelor said. "I think she fell for a reason."

Chelsea Batchelor said her grandmother could have the hip surgery as early as Wednesday afternoon.

"If she wouldn't have fallen, we wouldn't have known about the heart problem in the first place," she said.

It could have been up to two hours after the fall before the 85-year-old’s daughter would have been home from work, Chelsea Batchelor said.

She said it was "just amazing to me that (her son) was able to stay so calm and cool in the face of something that a lot of adults would panic," as if he had been "preprogrammed" to take control of the situation.

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"He is like a perfect example of what every child should be, every adult should be," she said. "If you have an instinct, follow it."

Kameron Batchelor said he has long wanted to be a firefighter, because they “save people’s lives and stuff.” When asked if he thinks he’s a hero, Kameron Batchelor said, “Yeah, kind of.”

He’s just disappointed about one thing — he said destroying stuff is one of his other favorite things to do, especially glass. “I kinda wanted to break the window,” he said.

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