Elise Amendola, AP
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney pauses as he addresses supporters during his election night rally, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012, in Boston.

Over Christmas break 2010, the Romney family convened in Hawaii and voted about whether Mitt Romney should run for president again like he had in 2008. Of the 12 ballots cast that day, 10 votes were against Romney running for president — including the vote of the presumptive candidate himself.

The anecdote comes from the forthcoming book “Collision 2012” by Dan Balz of The Washington Post. The book won’t be released until Aug. 6, but The Huffington Post obtained an advance copy of “Collision 2012” Monday.

“Romney suffered far more from political cold feet than was previously known,” Sam Stein of The Huffington Post reported Tuesday. “When his family gathers in Hawaii on that Christmas break, he's worried about the personal toll another campaign would take and whether Republican politics had become completely unsympathetic to a candidate with his background. …

“In an interview with Balz that's placed at the very end of ‘Collision 2012,’ Romney explained that he ultimately decided to run when he saw the other (leaving-something-to-be-desired) candidates in the GOP field.”

Stein’s Huffington Post piece initially generated a lot of online buzz Tuesday — until Slate’s David Weigel reminded everyone The New York Times had already reported that same exact story in August 2012.

“Attention-grabbing, but not new,” Weigel wrote. “During the campaign, Romney's oldest son, Tagg, cited this story as proof that his father, far from the kind of guy who'd write off 47 percent of voters, was humble and not calculating. Michael Barbaro, one of the Romney beat reporters at The New York Times, reported the ‘family vote’ story in August 2012.”

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