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This publicity image released by Disney shows Johnny Depp as Tonto, left, and Armie Hammer as The Lone Ranger, in a scene from "The Lone Ranger." (AP Photo/Disney Enterprises, Inc., Peter Mountain)

"The Lone Ranger”: 3 points for parents

Violence/gore — Being a Western, there are many shootouts and fistfights. A few sucker punches are thrown. Characters die in this film. Once again filmmakers find a way to have bloodless injuries. Some characters are ruthless and do not care about the consequences of their actions. Explosions take some lives. Two men have a heavy beam fall on their heads and crush them. They are shown sticking out from under the beam. A group of Indians charges a group of cavalry. The scene does not end well for them.

Drinking/gambling — Scenes take place in a brothel where men are playing cards and drinking.

Sensuality — The women in the brothel are scantily dressed above the waist and dresses are raised to show a few legs. This includes one leg that is not real but does have a weapon inside.

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