LEHI — A 20-month-old girl was resuscitated after a family member found her unresponsive in 1 foot of water.

The toddler fell into a 10-by-10-foot wading pool at a family member's home, Lone Peak Fire Capt. Joe McRae said. Family members found the girl after what they estimated was 30 seconds in the water, he said.

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A man who police say was the girl's uncle started with back blows to the little girl, and "she took a breath and improved from that point on."

By the time emergency personnel transported her to the hospital, she was conscious, crying and breathing, police said.

There were other adults and children around when the little girl fell into the pool, McRae said. When there are so many people, it is easy to lose track of one person.

"That's my advice to people that are swimming that they have somebody that actually is sitting there, eyes on the pool the whole time, watching everybody to make sure that doesn't happen," McRae said.