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Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan


And he thought he was just in it for moral support.

Johnny DelPrete was watching his girlfriend, golfer Jessica Korda, on the 10th hole at the U.S. Women’s Open, when abruptly she said, “Johnny, grab the bag. Let’s go!”

Korda had fired her caddie on the spot and hired her boyfriend.

Just an observation: Maybe Lindsey Vonn should start brushing up on her club selection skills.


Last week, Jazz CEO Greg Miller shed light on the night Jerry Sloan quit.

Miller described how Sloan and Deron Willams had words during halftime of a 2011 game. Afterward, Sloan told Miller he was quitting because he was “out of gas.”

Sloan was recently hired as a consultant for the Jazz.

Will that be regular or premium, Coach?


Off-season in review: BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall gets a contract extension; the Cougars schedule USC; Miller reveals deep background on Sloan’s retirement; the Jazz acquire the national college player of the year; Sloan and Karl Malone get hired.

Don’t you just hate when the regular season comes around?


Chad Johnson (a.k.a. Ochocinco) had his no-jail plea deal temporarily rejected, recently, after slapping his attorney on the rear in a gesture of playful courtroom celebration.

Sources say if he’d tried the Ickey Shuffle, there’s a chance he would have ended up doing life.


Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner said in a recent ESPN.com interview that she’ll model gender neutral clothing, adding that “it clicked for me.”

Of course, Dennis Rodman has been modeling crossover clothing for years.

Griner won’t be truly unique until she marries herself, wrecks a motorcycle, smokes cigars and kicks a photographer.

Live and learn, kid, live and learn.


There have been 37 NFL player arrests during this off-season.

Isn’t it time to start promoting the prison film “The Longest Yard” as “based on a true story”?


Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas was arrested in Los Angeles last week for allegedly carrying 100 pounds of illegal fireworks in his truck.

Apparently it had been too long since anyone had accused him of “going off” against an opponent.


Just in time for the Tour de France comes this revelation: There’s a church named after cycling.

Actually, it’s a chapel near Labastide-d’Armagnac called Notre-Dame des Cyclistes (Our Lady of Cyclists).

So next time you hear someone jokingly say they attend the Church of the NFL, don’t laugh.

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