Personal finace blogger Len Penzo asked of some his fellow bloggers for their favorite recipes for the frugal cook.

Editor's note: This list by Len Penzo originally appeared on his blog, Len Penzo dot com. It has been reprinted here with permission.

I was on an extremely tight budget when I was in college, so I had cheap cooking down to a science.

Back then, dinner was number four on my list of priorities; right after tuition, beer, and rent — in that order.

Many people on limited incomes pride themselves on their ability to create some truly delicious and cheap dinner ideas.

My grandmother, who was born in Italy, was always on a tight budget. One of my favorite dishes that Grandma used to serve was nothing more than white rice mixed with her leftover homemade spaghetti sauce. Some people call that dish “red rice,” but Grandma just called it, well, “rice with sauce.” Clever, huh?

I recently asked a few friends if they would be willing to share any cheap dishes that they use today or that their family served to them back when they were kids. Some were apparently more delicious than others.

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