If you feel like you want to be released from your church calling, don't be afraid to talk to your leaders about it. The Lord wants you to find joy in your service.

Dear Angela,

This is short and simple. I hate my church calling. How do I get out of it?


No Time and Burned Out

Dear No Time and Burned Out,

Just ask. Seriously, make an appointment with your bishop and say what you feel. In this case, “I’d like to be released” is all you need to say.

A couple of weeks ago, I spent an hour strategizing with a friend about how he could get the bishop to release him from his calling because his work schedule was busy and he felt like he didn’t have enough time or energy to commit to his church responsibilities. We tried all of these different excuses like, "I’m going to be out of town X and Y weekends,” or, “I’ll probably be moving out of the ward soon” — all in hopes that the bishop would just decide to release him. We got a good laugh out of the activity, but in the end it was just a big waste of our time.

If you’re struggling, don’t have time, or simply don’t like it, go talk to your bishop. Ultimately, the assignment is voluntary and you don’t have to do it, but he may be able to help you find ways (that you hadn’t thought of) to enjoy it and find greater fulfillment from the service.

Also, know that you're not alone in how you may be feeling. Many people get callings that they don't like or that they feel like don't matter very much. But the Lord, your leaders and even your friends can help you gain a new perspective — if you want one.

What do you think? Is it worth a shot? Or are you still ready to throw in the towel?

Let us know!



Readers: How have you found fulfillment in your church service? How do you manage your church responsibilities when secular life gets hectic?

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