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Andrews McMeel
"Cast-Iron Cooking" is by Irene Rawlings.

A trio of cookbooks about cooking with a campfire have crossed our desks recently.

THE NEW TRAILSIDE COOKBOOK: 100 Delicious Recipes for the Camp Chef,” by Kevin Callan and Margaret Howard, Firefly Books, $19.95, 192 pages

From planning and shopping to setting up camp to different cooking techniques, this paperback cookbook includes many helpful tips and strategies to help people cook outdoors — whether they're a beginner or have more experience. "The New Trailside Cookbook" includes tips for hikers, canoeists and campers, taking into account nutrition, taste and the weight of the food along with the time to cook it.

For advanced cooks, there are also chapters on living off the land, “Weekend Gourmet” and cold-weather camping.

The book includes recipes for every mealtime and snacks and includes many color photos for reference.

CAMPFIRE CUISINE: Gourmet Recipes for the Great Outdoors,” by Robin Donovan, Quirk Books, $15.95, 192 pages

“Campfire Cuisine” starts with lists — equipment, supplies, menus — and tips on getting a camp stove and building a fire to cook on. Also, it includes how to safely store food and how to know when the food is done, along with cooking methods. The next 150 pages have recipes for practically every occasion and type of meal. Many of the recipes have variations and “make it at home” directions, too.

While it does lack photos for reference, there is a lot of information packed in this book that's small enough to take along camping.

CAST-IRON COOKING WITH SISTERS ON THE FLY,” by Irene Rawlings, Andrews McMeel Publishing, $19.99, 224 pages

Sisters on the Fly started out as two real-life sisters who liked to camp in Montana, inviting their friends to join them. And then it grew to include many, many more women.

The first chapter, “Cast-Iron College,” gives an overview of how to care for cast-iron cooking pans, Dutch ovens and such and how to best use them for cooking. And then, if it can be cooked in something that’s cast iron and appropriately seasoned, they’ve got a recipe for it along with colorful photos and anecdotes.

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