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Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan leaves the court as his players continue with interviews after practice Thursday, May 17, 2007, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)


Poor LoLo Jones — in more than one sense.

The U.S. bobsledder and former track Olympian complained last week that she didn’t make enough money in her new sport. She tweeted a Vine video showing her $741.84 paycheck, joking that her rent would be late.

But in a USA Today article she clarified matters by saying “all Olympic athletes dedicate their lives to their sports and do not receive lucrative paychecks like athletes in mainstream professional sports. So hopefully this will make people appreciate just how hard Olympians work, often just for the love of the sport."

Amazing, said every flag football player, weekend hacker and 5K fun-runner on Earth.


Speaking of late rent, the Utah Blaze were evicted from EnergySolutions Arena last week for nonpayment.

The Larry H. Miller Group gave the Blaze until last Wednesday to pay $120,000 in overdue rent. But an infusion of cash from a pending investor was expected to clear things up.

Here’s a crazy guess: The mystery investor wasn’t the Larry H. Miller Group.


Competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi told the Deseret News last week that he trains for events by drinking three gallons of water in 80 seconds.

Which is impressive to everyone but Raiders fans, who drink that much beer during a TV timeout.


Sewage issues at Oakland Coliseum forced the A’s and Mariners to use the same locker room after a game, nine days ago.

Leaking pipes and backed-up drains caused smells. About a foot of liquid flooded the visiting manager’s office.

Said A’s starter A.J. Griffin: “Make sure everyone finds out about this sewage thing.”

That’s being a little harsh on the Astros, isn’t it?


Jerry Sloan says he plans to attend some Jazz practices as the team’s new consultant, but only if they aren’t too early.

Rock On guarantees they won’t be earlier than he gets up to feed his cows.

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Rick Chandler of points out that Waukegan, Ill., has a junior high named after comedian Jack Benny. It’s mascot: the 39ers, referencing Benny’s running joke about his age.

Which leaves open the prospect of a Jim Carrey High School. What are they gonna name them, the All-Righty Thens?


Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium is getting new turf.

Officials say it will be 35 degrees cooler than the old one.

Seriously, does Nebraska need anything to be 35 degrees colder in November?

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