A barn in St. George was destroyed after it went up in flames Friday night.

ST GEORGE — A barn was destroyed after it went up in flames Friday night.

Around 8:45 p.m. Ruth Bandle awoke when she heard someone "frantically banging" on the door of her home in the Little Valley area. She went outside and saw the family's barn on fire.

"In just minutes it was out of control and there was nothing we could do until we waited for the fire trucks to get here."

She said the fire appeared to start on one side of the barn and traveled to the other. Early investigations indicate the fire may have been caused by an electrical source, she said.

Bandle said the fire was interrupted by additional explosions, which she said could have been caused by the 15 to 20 tires, off and on vehicles, or cans of paint stored inside.

"The black smoke was everywhere. You couldn't even hardly see out here for a while," Bandle said.

The structure was completely destroyed. No one was injured but the barn did contain a boat, a 1969 Camero, a 1980 Chevy Blazer and a go-kart, according to Bandle.

The family owns a pig who was not harmed in the inferno.

The barn came with the home when they purchased it, she said, so when they rebuild, it will be bigger and better.

A video shows the fire dying down as firefighters doused the flames with water.


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