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Chelsea Green Publishing
"The Greened House Effect: Renovating Your Home a Deep Energy Retrofit" is by Jeff Wilson. He will be a Wellers Book Works on June 20.

"THE GREENED HOUSE EFFECT," by Jeff Wilson, Chelsea Green Publishing, $29.95, 280 pages (nf)

Nearly every homeowner in America recognizes the need to improve the effective use of energy in sustaining their residence. The rising costs of gas and electricity have become a real burden to those trying to live the American dream. But coming up with an effective plan to reduce costs can be a daunting proposition. That’s where Jeff Wilson hopes to help consumers as they seek to modify their footprint in the energy market.

Wilson, a TV host with 25 years of construction experience, has taken a unique route to show others how to become more energy efficient with his new book, “The Greened House Effect.” Using his own home, a 70-year-old Cape-Cod style cottage, Wilson follows a step-by-step renovation plan that is designed to reduce energy usage by a significant amount. Called a Deep Energy Retrofit or DER, the upgrade is more than a patchwork of projects to catch specific energy leaks — it is a complete home makeover that changes the whole nature of the home's power, gas and water usage.

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Written in a narrative and entertaining style, with photos, graphs, charts and sidebar explanations, “The Greened House Effect” will guide homeowners as they look for substantial changes in the way their lives use energy from day-to-day. Most of the improvements detailed in the book are such that the work can be done by the homeowner or a small contractor.

The changes advocated by Wilson are not cheap but, taken a piece at a time, can reduce the overall cost of energy usage in a home by a significant amount. The author’s experience and his passion for solving energy issues make this an interesting book for those who are looking to improve their energy consumption.

If you go ...

What: Jeff Wilson book signing

When: Thursday, June 20, 7 p.m.

Where: Weller Book Works, 607 Trolley Square, Salt Lake City

Web: www.wellerbookworks.com

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