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Jason Swensen, Deseret News
Retired BYU coach LaVell Edwards, center, poses with four former quarterbacks, from left, John Beck, Robbie Bosco, Elder Gifford Nielsen and Ty Detmer. Coach Edwards was this recipient this day of the 2013 Paul "Bear" Bryant Lifetime Achievement Award. Photo by Kelly Foss.

This list was originally published on the jmoney34sports blog and has been edited and republished with permission.

I remember as a kid going over to the church on Saturday afternoons to turn on the giant NASA like satellite dish. The reason we did that was to watch BYU football.

BYU was so entertaining to watch in those old WAC days. You couldn’t take your eyes off of their run and gun, high octane, offensive football. Although the Y. always had solid receivers and really good tight ends, the reason they were so exciting was because of the quarterbacks.

We all know the quarterback is the backbone of any successful offense and the leader of the team. With that said, I’ve decided to look back and rank the top 15 BYU quarterbacks of all time.

I can’t write this list without at least mentioning who brought the system to BYU that made most of these quarterbacks so successful. I’m sure they would all agree that BYU football would be nothing without the genius of LaVell Edwards.

Here's my top 15 quarterbacks, beginning with an unsung hero of the late 1980s.

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