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Utah Jazz' Karl Malone is all smiles standing on the sidelines as his teammate Andrei Kirilenko sinks a three pointer during the game at the Delta Center, November 28, 2001. The Utah Jazz won 112-88. Photo/Johanna Workman (Submission date: 09/28/2002)

In a lengthy, successful 19-season NBA career, Karl Malone did not speak with finesse — that didn't stop him from saying whatever he pleased.

His philosophy always seemed to be speak now and deal with the consequences. He said he doesn't regret anything he did or said to date because it all formed him into the man he is today.

Recently the former Utah Jazz star forward was hired as a coach of the Jazz big men in a part-time capacity. Malone will try to have an impact on the Utah bigs and add a little Karl Malone touch to their play.

The ever-quotable Malone never left anyone wondering about how he felt. Here is a list of 25 quotes from the Hall of Famer ranging from hysterical to sincere, but never apologetic.

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