PARK CITY — A nanny accused of abusing infant twins was sentenced to five years of probation Monday.

Aubrey Alta Anderson, 32, was given credit for the one year she was in the Summit County Jail while waiting for her case to finish in court, and put on probation for five years.

During that time, she is prohibited from having unsupervised contact with any children under 14. She will also be required to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet for a year, unless she is extradited back to Belgium to face charges there.

At the time of her arrest in Utah, Anderson was also wanted in Belgium on similar charges. Because of Monday's sentencing, Belgium officials went ahead with a trial in that country Tuesday, said Summit County Attorney David Brickey. Anderson does not have to be present for that court proceeding, he said.

If they find enough evidence against her, Belgium officials could request to have Anderson extradited back to their country, Brickey said. If they do that, they are required to hold a new trial for her, he said.

Anderson was a nighttime nanny for a Park City couple in January 2012, when the twins were 1 month old. For three days at the end of January, Anderson and others said the twins were being extremely fussy, didn't sleep, and at least one of the infants was having "meltdowns," according to court records.

On the fourth day, the daytime nanny noticed swelling on one of the infant's legs and bruising on his forearm. The parents took the twins to Primary Children's Medical Center. The doctor discovered that both ankles of one of the infants were broken.

Specifically, both ankles bore metaphysical bucket-handle fractures. The X-rays also revealed remote rib fractures, according to charging documents.

The Summit County Sheriff's Office soon learned that Anderson was also wanted in Belgium for investigation of cruelty toward a set of newborn twins in that country.

While the parents of the Belgium twins were at a hospital and discovered their children had multiple fractures on their arms and legs, Anderson went to the airport and fled the country, according to court records.

She was charged in June 2012 with four counts of child abuse, two felonies and two misdemeanors.

She accepted a plea deal in April, pleading guilty to two counts of child abuse, both third-degree felonies, in exchange for the other two counts being dropped.

Brickey said the parents of the twins were not happy with the plea deal.

"They were disappointed it wouldn't be a substantially longer period of time," he said.

But after Brickey noted potential evidentiary problems that could come up in court, they accepted the plea deal.

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