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Kathy Willens, AP
New York Yankees center fielder Brett Gardner (11) catches Daniel Murphy's sixth-inning flyout at the outfield wall for the third out in an interleague baseball game at Citi Field in New York Monday, May 27, 2013. One runner was on base at the time.

Sometimes it simply comes down to an athlete's ability to make the play.

Take for instance two of this week's top 25 sports photos. Both shot at Major League Baseball games, the two tell an opposite story. One player caught the ball in spectacular fashion (he looks Velcroed to the wall, for Pete's sake).

The other guy? The ball's completely behind him. No really. Look.

Say what you want about professional athletes, but they're just as prone to completely missing as we are. The only difference is they move on to the next play. Us? Well, sometimes we cry about it, as did the two photographed and inconsolable fans after a German soccer game.

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It's bouncing back that really matters. Just ask the pictured boxer who took one right in the snout. It's also something that LeBron James did in masterful fashion Thursday night in Game 5. Coming off a Game 4 loss that had the dreaded "soft" label being tossed around with Miami's name and cruel glee in the same breath, James responded — vehemently.

Speaking of vehement, the downpour that hit Rio Tinto Stadium this week could well have put a literal and figurative damper on the RSL faithful. Instead, many endured the downpour, along with their team.

Both parties were rewarded with a 3-2 win over Atlanta, proving that if nothing else, Real's fans are for real.

That's almost as corny as a team lifting its coach hero-style or being doused with a Gatorade tank.

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