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Utah Utes wide receiver Dres Anderson (6) barely misses a catch as Brigham Young Cougars defensive back Preston Hadley defends during the first half as the University of Utah and BYU play football Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

On Tuesday, the published an article asking BYU and Utah fans whether they would prefer a rivalry win and losing season, or a rivalry loss and a bowl game invite.

Over 1,100 fans voted in the informal poll and 39.6 percent said they would prefer a rivalry win, while 60.4 percent said they would prefer a bowl game.

In the original Twitter poll conducted by the blog Ute Football Central, 64 percent of respondants said they would prefer a rivalry win over a bowl season.

Both polls are not scientific, but fans from both schools expressed a wide variety of opinions. Here are a few select comments from the original Deseret News article. The comments quoted below are printed as they originally appeared and have not been altered or edited.


South Jordan, UT

I would much rather go to a bowl game which means we had a good season. Beating BYU is not that great anymore. Want victories over Pac 12 opponents. Moved on mentally.

Cowboy Dude


As if winning a post season game for an Independent is the same as winning a post season game in the PAC-12...not apples to apples.



Seems like a lot of people on both sides are talking about this like it means Ute fans would rather beat BYU than win the Pac 12 South.


Go Utes!

Springville, UT

I would so much rather go to an upper tier bowl game than beat BYU. If it is the New Mexico bowl than i would rather beat BYU.

Adirondack Cougar

Queensbury, NY

A lot of trash talk as usual from both sides, but to me everyone missed an important point regarding the bowl games. By going to a bowl game a team gets extra practice time, which in my opinion is what helps get a team to a higher level. So I think if you asked either coach, they would both say 'give me the bowl game.'

Ragnar Danneskjold

Bountiful, UT

This is tough in some ways. As a Ute fan who lives in Utah, it is important to win the rivalry game. But bowl appearances are what will attract recruits. I will agree with Naval Vet in some ways. Would I rather beat BYU and go 5-7, or go to a bad bowl and be 6-6? Probably beat BYU. But anything beyond that borderline situation would go to the bowl game. The rivalry game only has increased importance to me because I live here. If I lived in Arizona or Southern California, those games would be more important than BYU.

The real question as to the importance, is how many teams could you substitute into that question? I would also take a win over a handful of PAC12 opponents in that scenario as well.

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I guess I am petty, but I like to have bragging rights in the work place and neighborhood.


Salt Lake City, UT

Bowl game, no question. I love it when Utah beats BYU, but a losing season is not worth it.


West Jordan, UT

A single game accomplishment over the national recognition of a bowl and tradition of winning is a sign of a desperate program. While rivalry games are important to many schools out there, few nationally recognized programs would trade a winning record and bowl eligibility for a rivalry win.

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