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From left, Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco star in "Now You See Me."

Language: In "Now You See Me," profanity is used, but not as much as could have been employed. Some of the profanity is in a foreign language.

Violence: A woman appears to have a school of piranha fall into a water tank from which she is attempting to escape. A person is tackled on stage by 12 people. There is a much choreographed fight scene that lasts for a few minutes. The suspect throws cards at an agent and cuts his face. A chase follows that ends in a crash and car fire.

Sexuality/nudity: One woman goes home with a magician and she is taking her clothes off as she enters his apartment. She stops at her underwear and is then sent home. There are some suggestions of sexual activity and male virility throughout the rest of the film.

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