Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
A small pack of BYU fans watch as the Cougars take on their rival Utah Utes. The rivalry will change with the teams in different conferences.

Would Utah football fans rather beat rival BYU and finish with a losing season or lose the rivalry game and finish the season with a bowl game? The blog Ute Football Central posed that question to Twitter followers earlier this month.

According to the blog post, 64 percent of Utah fans would rather beat BYU than go to a bowl game, according the poll. The self-proclaimed unscientific poll sheds an interesting light on the passion and importance that fans place on the game each year.

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This year will mark the last rivalry game between BYU and Utah before a two-year hiatus due to scheduling conflicts. The game has been played continuously since 1946.

BYU has been to eight straight bowl games since 2005 and Utah, which was not bowl eligible in 2013, has beaten BYU in four out of the last five rivalry games and leads the all time series with a record of 56–34–4.

BYU and Utah fans, which would you prefer, a rivalry victory with a losing season, or a rivalry loss and bowl game? Answer the poll in the sidebar or post in the comments below.

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