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Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
Michael Smith with "Stump the Schwab" autographed trophy.

Three Deseret News reporters appeared yesterday on the "Wasatch Whip Around" hosted by Gunther and Graham on 1320 KFAN AM to offer insights on BYU basketball, Utah Jazz and how to win an ESPN triva show. Here are some of the highlights from those interviews:

BYU beat writer Jeff Call talks of BYU star Tyler Haw's flawless RM transition

Jeff Call recently wrote an article regarding BYU basketball star Tyler Haw's stellar sophomore season after returning from a two year LDS mission. Call said coach Dave Rose was even surprised by the consistent play Haws brought to the court each night.

"I think even Dave Rose was surprised that Tyler was able to play, not only as well as he did, but as consistently well," Call said. "He only had a couple games I can remember where he really struggled. For most of the year he was a 20 point scorer and a go-to guy ... you just don't see that very often from a guys just off a mission."

He also mentioned that Rose would probably prefer committed players to go on their mission directly after high school before starting their career for BYU basketball. With the recent age change by the presidency of the LDS church, this seems to be the trend starting up.

Although Haws is an example of a flawless return to basketball and Rose would like future players to make similar transitions, Call says it would not be fair to hold every returned missionary to the same standard.

"Tyler Haws has set a pretty high bar of expectation and I dont think it would be fair to put any other player in that category," Call said. "But, I do think that Coach Rose and the staff is very encouraged by what they can do."

DeseretNews.com sports writer Matt Petersen commented on finding the right player for the Jazz

When looking for a franchise player, the Jazz have to make sure the player will fit the team, but also the community.

"Jazz management has to be really concious of who they're really pinpointing to be the face of the franchise," Matt Petersen said.

He said Al Jefferson never really fit the shoe for the Jazz or for fans. So that leaves the franchise looking for a go-to player. If management is going to choose one of the "Core Four" to be the face of the franchise, then Petersen said they need to weigh the pros and cons of each player.

ESPN Schuab Champion, and DN intern, Michael Smith talks about his trivia knowledge

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As Gunther and Graham spouted out questions of random years of Heisman winners, Michael Smith answered all of them with ease.

The ESPN trivia guru recently won "The Schwab" Championship on the show UNITE on ESPNU. Smith described the process of getting on the show as well as how he obtained so much sports trivia knowledge.

"I didn't really go out of my way to study it," Smith said. "I just always loved sports and I have been watching sports since I was a little kid. I guess after awhile you just start to pick up on stuff and start to remember things."

Whitney O'Bannon is a new media sports writer for the Deseret News. Follow on Twitter at @whitney_oban.