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Covenant Communications
"Sworn Enemy" is a novel by A.L. Sowards.

"SWORN EMENY," by A.L. Sowards, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 276 pages (f)

Now that Calais, France, has been saved, costing the life of her beloved brother Jacques, Genevieve Olivier hopes that she can settle down and begin to have a normal life. But the Gestapo has other plans, and it is only through the efforts of Lt. Peter Eddy, a young Mormon soldier working under orders to help the French, that she remains free.

In her new novel, “Sworn Enemy” A.L. Sowards has mixed together an entertaining tale of history, love and adventure that is taut and easy for readers to enjoy.

Set in the latter part of World War II, Peter heals from his wounds and returns to his duties where he is assigned to be a member of an elite special-ops team tasked to disrupt the Nazi plans in Eastern Europe. But there is danger in his assignment — not just from the Nazis but also from an unknown traitor who has infiltrated the group. Peter must find the culprit before all their work is destroyed and he loses his chance to be with the lovely Genevieve.

Unknown to Genevieve or Peter, the Gestapo continues to look for the beautiful young woman who has slipped out of its reach. When she is recruited again to work as a spy, she finds herself in grave danger that may result in her capture and destroy the budding relationship between her and Peter.

A gripping and well-written story, “Sworn Enemy” is a sequel to the author’s earlier book, “Espionage.” As with the first story, this follow-up novel has a sense of reality that puts the reader right in the middle of the events during the last days of the war.

There are multiple war deaths and a fair amount of violence in the story, but these are presented in a way to not offend readers. Sowards is careful to keep language and romance on a appropriate plane for those of her faith. She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and resides with her family in Utah.

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