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Twin Light Publishers
"Salt Lake City: A Photographic Portrait" includes photography by Bill Crnkovich with narrative by DeAnne Flynn.

"SALT LAKE CITY: A Photographic Portrait," by DeAnne Flynn, photos by Bill Crnkovich, Twin Lights Publishers, $26.95, 128 pages (nf)

Breathtaking photographs and equally enthralling descriptions captivate readers in a new book that highlights prominent areas of Salt Lake City.

"Salt Lake City: A Photographic Portrait" brims with radiant pictures by Utahn Bill Crnkovich and vivid narrative written by DeAnne Flynn, also a Utah resident. Almost like taking a beautiful tour of the city, this book encapsulates the history, splendor and must-see sites and places of interest in and around Utah's state capital.

From popular areas like Temple Square, the 2002 Winter Olympics sites and The Hogle Zoo, to historic buildings and locations, the University of Utah and The Gateway or City Creek Center, this book shares a glimpse into various attractions every tourist or Utahn ought to explore and experience.

Featured are places of interest for shoppers, history enthusiasts, children, families and those seeking more information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or the early pioneers. The visual and written depictions of these locations whet the appetite and inspire readers to discover the wonders of the city.

"Salt Lake City: A Photographic Portrait" is perfect for an exploratory look at Salt Lake before a visit, an attractive addition to a family library, a stunning piece of work to sit atop a coffee table or an especially handy reference to help share the city's treasures with out-of-town guests and residents alike. Crnkovich and Flynn have created a masterpiece packed with rich heritage to show the world one of the finest cities in the nation.

Wendy Jessen is a Southern Utah University graduate and a stay-at-home mother of six. Her email is wendyjessen26@gmail.com and she blogs at mormonmomofsix.blogspot.com.