Starting with the June issue that landed on newsstands Tuesday, Wired magazine is sporting a new look in its printed product. But that’s not all that’s new about Wired.

“There was something about the previous version of Wired — the bright colors, bold fonts, perhaps the splashy photos and graphics — that made it feel distinctly like a magazine about science and technology for men,” Lauren Indvik wrote earlier this week for the tech news website Mashable. “Not so with the new edition of Wired. … With its modern, almost muted aesthetic, it feels more like a lifestyle magazine — and a rather sophisticated, thoughtful one at that. …

“Stop by the masthead, and you'll notice the editorial side is no longer divided into Wired and staffers: It's all one operation now, and the floor plan of the San Francisco office has been rearranged to reflect it, so I'm told: The guys who write about gadgets for the magazine are now sitting next to the guys who write about gadgets for the website, and so on.”

Last week USA Today reported other new developments for Wired: “The techno-trend periodical, launched 20 years ago, has three new series that go live today on Wired's video channel and on YouTube.”

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