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A movie still from Epic (2013).

It’s cute and it’s clever — it’s "Epic” from director Chris Wedge, who also gave us the "Ice Age” movies.

"Epic” introduces us to young Mary Katherine, who is voiced by Amanda Seyfried. The death of Mary Katherine's mother requires the young woman to move back to the old family home on the edge of the woods with her absent-minded, eclectic dad. She is not thrilled.

Dear old Dad is obsessed with the idea that little tiny people, who move much faster than regular-sized humans, occupy the woods, and he’s determined to prove his theory. This obsession cost him his marriage and could cost him his daughter, as well.

On the verge of giving up any hope of having a relationship with her father, Mary Katherine, who prefers being called MK, decides to pack up and leave. But in the process, she ends up finding out that her dad isn’t nuts after all. A strange chain of events takes her into this small, sped-up world at a most critical time.

Once every 100 years, a pod on the verge of blooming is selected by the queen for the transference of the power to make the forest grow and flourish. The honor this time falls to the current Queen Tara, voiced by Beyonce Knowles. But, alas, there are evildoers — led by the infamous Mandrake (given voice by Christoph Waltz) — who control all the decay and rot.

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Colin Ferrell as Ronin, the queen’s guard, fears the worst and is determined to do whatever it takes to make sure this most important event goes off without a hitch. To say the least, it does not, and MK plays a major role in helping to save the day.

The fanciful imagery, delightful characters and intriguing tale make for a fun cinematic experience for the whole family. I absolutely loved the three-legged family dog that is the most endearing character in the film.

As I mentioned at the beginning, "Epic” is cute and clever — and never fear, it is not a "FernGully” rip-off. "Epic” gets three stars, and it’s rated PG.

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