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A movie still from Epic (2013).

Information for parents about the film "Eipc."

Violence: There are two factions fighting over the forest and who controls its future. The two sides shoot arrows at each other as well as fight with weapons and by hand. One side destroys the forest as they fight with a power that causes living things to rot. A main character dies early in the film from an arrow. Other characters also meet their end.

Peril: This is an animated film so there is no real sense of danger. Both sides threaten each other and promise they will finish the fight that has started. The story surrounds the survival of the forest. The bad guys are always close to accomplishing their goals and can be scary for very small children.

Family entertainment: This film is based on a William Joyce book. “Rise of the Guardians” and the Disney Channel show “Rolie Polie Olie” were based on Joyce's other books. The story is easy to follow and fairly simple. The story does include a father and a daughter who are trying to get to know one another.

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