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Tampa Bay Lightning's Martin St. Louis celebrates his goal during the third period of an NHL hockey game against the Carolina Hurricanes, Sunday, April 21, 2013, in Tampa, Fla. The Hurricanes won 3-2.

Michael Smith, a University of Utah graduate and resident of Salt Lake City, was crowned ESPN's "The Schwab" champion Wednesday night.

A passionate sports fan, Smith answered questions about the NHL, the NBA, the NFL, college sports, sports pop culture and sports social media. However, the line of inquiry that won Smith the contest, particularly in the later rounds, was centered around hockey, Smith's favorite sport.

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Smith's victory got the Deseret News sports staff thinking: How knowledgeable are our readers in general sports trivia? Can Deseret News readers also "stump the Schwab" like Smith did? Deseret News Sports invites you to try to outdo him.

Of these questions, the first five were asked in a pool format. Contestants were asked a question with multiple correct answers and were eliminated as they failed to answer correctly. Smith correctly gave at least two answers to every question.

Once getting through the first round, contestants were given questions with only one correct answer. Smith correctly answered three of the five.

Here are the 10 trivia questions Smith had to answer (with three bonus questions at the end). Can you stump the Smith (without Google)?

Good luck!

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