NORTH LOGAN — A 15-year-old boy on a bike sustained serious head injuries Tuesday when he was hit by a truck.

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The boy was crossing Main Street (State route 91) from west to east at 1600 North when he was hit by a truck towing a trailer about 3:30 p.m., North Park Police Sgt. John Italasano said. The boy was not wearing a helmet, and there is no designated crosswalk in the area.

The boy was transported by ambulance to Logan Regional Medical Center and later taken to Primary Children's Medical Center by medical helicopter.

Witnesses said a car in the inside lane had stopped for the boy, but the truck was in the outside lane, and the truck driver's view of the boy may have been blocked by the car, Italasano said.

The boy was alone at the time of the crash. The area has a strip mall and other shopping centers, Italasano said.

The collision is under investigation.