Provo, Utah — After some good competition at Shea Stadium, the Cougars suffered a loss 3-0 against Real Colorado.

With a flat start to the game, the Foxes took the ball and played it to their advantage. In the 25th minute, Chris Salvaggione of Real Colorado scored the first goal against BYU.

“We lacked a lot of intensity,” head coach Chris Watkins said. “We had the ball, but we didn’t play as hard as we should have.”

In the second half of the game, Josh Fallin of the Foxes scored twice on BYU’s goalie Brian Hale.

Multiple cards were given throughout the game; among them a caution was awarded to Alex Neff of the Cougars in the 54th minute. A yellow card was also awarded to Tanner Whitworth of BYU in the 94th minute.

BYU's Garrett Losee encountered a collision in the second half resulting in a broken arm. No other injuries were sustained by the Cougars.

With four of the seven away games completed, the Cougars are ready to take on LA Misioneros on Friday, May 31, and Fresno Fuego on Saturday, June 1, in Provo, Utah.

Brooke Arrington is a public relations major at Brigham Young University and the Public Relations Coordinator for the BYU men's soccer team.