PROVO, Utah — The BYU men’s soccer team will travel to Littleton, Colo., to play the Real Colorado Foxes on Saturday, May 18 at Shea Stadium.

The Cougars are currently 2-1 this season, after their first loss against Ventura Country Fusion last Saturday. After a week of thorough training the team is ready to get back on the field.

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“We are excited to go on the road again this weekend,” head coach Chris Watkins said. “They are a great team, a playoff team from last year and getting points again on the road will be very difficult.”

This will be the Foxes’ first regular season game. Founded in 2008, the Real Colorado Foxes are based in Douglas County, Colo.

“We’ll need everyone to play with as much passion as possible,” team captain Colby Bauer said. “Our strategy this weekend is simply play with high intensity and do whatever it takes to win.”

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Brooke Arrington is a public relations major at Brigham Young University and the Public Relations Coordinator for the BYU mens' soccer team.