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"Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction" is by Utah resident John Dupuy. He will be at the King's English Bookshop on May 23 for a book signing.

"INTEGRAL RECOVERY: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction," by John Dupuy, State University of New York Press, $24.95, 301 pages (nf)

John Dupuy's description of the dynamics of addiction, types of addicts and holistic approach to treatment makes "Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction" of use to any clinician while still being accessible to addicts and families of addicts.

Dupuy, a southern Utah resident, covers assessments, treatment planning, stages of development, brain-body connections, family systems and relapse prevention. However, instead of losing the lay reader with professional jargon, Dupuy teaches these concepts through real stories, examples and illustrations.

"Integral Recovery" includes Dupuy's personal experiences and vignettes of other addicts. It explores not only internal development and the organic systems of the brain and body, but also the external systems of families, society and culture.

Dupuy's model of addiction recovery integrates all these so that recovery is not just about what the addict is not using, but also what nourishment the addict is receiving in mind, body and spirit — and, even another step further, how this reconnects the recovering addict back to society through positive and healthy relationships.

This is not a clinical book, though it is clinically helpful. It is not a book only for addicts, but also for families and children and friends of addicts. He doesn't emphasizing one aspect of treatment, but explaining why treatment must be integrated holistically and include all aspects of the addict's life.

There are obviously drug and alcohol references due to content, but it is in the context of treatment and recovery. There are expletives used in some of the vignettes told, especially when quoting some of the addicts. When this happens, the words only contain the first letter and the other letters are bleeped out. It is not a book for children or adolescents.

Dupuy also maintains an extensive website at with further information and support.

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The book signing event with John Dupuy scheduled for Thursday, May 23, at The King's English has been canceled. It has not been rescheduled.

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