Yahoo!, The Christian Post and Marin Independent Journal say Disney succumbed to pressures and removed the adult Merida image from Disney's princess site.

Several controversies surrounding Disney's "Brave" star Merida have abounded this week on parenting blogs and petition websites.

Once Disney unveiled the new glamorized 2D version of the character, petitioners immediately began an online conversation. Now several media sources, such as Yahoo!, The Christian Post and Marin Independent Journal, say Disney succumbed to the pressures by removing the new image from its Disney Princess site.

Yet, according to IGN, the original Pixar image of Merida has remained the same on the princess site, never having posted the new 2D version.

"The only problem is … Disney never updated their Princess Collection site with the new look to begin with," IGN said. "The studio insists the Merida images used on the Princess site have always been of the movie's Merida and not the redesign so you can't switch back to something that was never changed to begin with."

IGN also said it had confirmed with a Disney representative that the new "adult" image of Merida will be used for backpacks and other merchandise, but the Pixar version will also be printed on consumer products as well.

Statements by Merida's creator, and the director and writer of "Brave," Brenda Chapman, have also circulated. Chapman expressed her appreciation for the removal of the new glamorized sharpshooter in an email to the Marin Independent Journal.

"I think it's great that they've taken that image off their Princess site, but I believe it is still on their other sites world wide," Chapman wrote. "And I will stay dubious until they give an official statement about changing the image to match the original version of Merida. All that said, the move to remove the sexed up Merida from their U.S. sites gives me some hope."

Whether Disney has made the change or not, Yahoo! Shine, a parenting blog, said that petitioners cannot be satisfied. Carolyn Danckaert created the petition, which has tallied more than 200,000 signatures.

“From our standpoint, it’s not a victory,” Danckaert told Yahoo! "This has never been about how (Merida is) presented on the website, but rather, what will be her enduring image with the product tie-in phrase? Now that she's been inducted into the collection, how is she going to be used in the Disney merchandise line?"

The new design can still be found on Target's princess website, along with other retail sites.