The GOP still has a Hispanic problem. Or at least that’s what Esther Cepeda in a Washington Post article claims. But it may not be the problem everyone thinks it is.

While the Hispanic vote is certainly growing in size and importance, Cepeda argues that this is not the main problem for the GOP. Not all Hispanics agree on the same issues, and not all are blanket Democrats. “The number of Latinos who voted for president did increase, but the number who were eligible but chose not to vote increased even more — by 2.3 million — from 9.8 million in 2008 to 12.1 million in 2012.”

“Perception, not voting power, is the Republican Party’s biggest Hispanic challenge.” Topping the list of misperceptions are that "Latino voters care foremost about politicians’ stand on immigration" and "that Republicans hate Hispanics," Cepeda explains.

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