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As parents.com says, “They don’t call it labor for nothing.” In an attempt to possibly debunk the “exaggerated” claims that childbirth is “the worst kind of pain there is,” two YouTube clips show men who experience the pains of labor through simulated contractions.

In one of the clips, Dutch TV hosts Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno of the show “Guinea Pigs” agreed to go through two hours of simulated labor for their show. Storm and Zeno explained that they wanted to simulate childbirth because women say it is the worst pain there is. They used electro-stimulations to imitate contractions.

“(It’s) as if they’re poking around with a coil of barbed wire inside my belly,” Zeno said of the pain.

Storm and Zeno scheduled their stunt to last two hours, but Zeno opted out early when the procedure became too painful.

In a separate but similar clip, two men went through the same procedure, but with their wives present.

The pain experienced during childbirth varies between women.

“Labor pain feels different for every woman. Some women feel a lot of pain and others can cope more easily,” according to marchofdimes.com.

Some wonder if the electro-stimulations the men used accurately represent what labor actually feels like.

“You can think of this as a very strong Charley horse, but is it (the electro-stimulations) as painful as labor?” Dr. Jennifer Ashton said in an interview with ABC News. “My opinion would be that it isn’t.”

Abby Stevens is an intern for the Deseret News Faith and Family sections. She is a recent graduate of Brigham Young University–Idaho. Contact Abby at [email protected].