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President Obama giving a press conference yesterday along with British PM David Cameron. He was asked questions about Benghazi and the IRS.

Has the dreaded “second-term curse” befallen President Obama a mere four months into his second term? With a scandal at the IRS, hearings on Benghazi and continued partisian gridlock, two opinion columnist share their insights about where they think the Obama administration is headed.

Dana Milbank at The Washington Post believes that yes, Obama is stumbling into the curse and needs to act decisively on developing scandals in order to get himself out. For example, on Obama’s calling of the IRS scandal “outrageous,” Milbank believes that “Obama’s response did him little good because it failed to get him out in front of the scandal. Rather than taking quick action — firing those involved or opening an investigation with more teeth than the inspector general’s — he has left himself at the mercy of events, and will be called to respond as details dribble out.”

At CNN, Howard Kurtz believes that while Obama is certainly facing his fair share of troubles, with more than three and a half years left in office it is to early to call Obama’s second term cursed. The scandals exist, and they may be the media hype, but facing problems is nothing new for the administration, and there is plenty of time to turn thigns around. If Obama is facing anything, it’s that this is his last term. “A re-elected commander-in-chief is a lame duck whose ability to reward and punish inevitably diminishes as his departure date approaches. And that, rather than any sinister voodoo, may be Obama's biggest problem as he tries to dig his way out of this ditch.”

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