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T.C. Christensen's new film, "Ephraim's Rescue," chronicles the life of a frontiersman who was instrumental in rescuing Mormon pioneers during the winter of 1856. Paul Cardall composed and produced the film's soundtrack.

Typically, movie soundtracks get buried. People either remember the music or the film, but not both.

Paul Cardall hopes the soundtrack for "Ephraim's Rescue" is different.

When asked by filmmaker T.C. Christensen to produce a soundtrack for his new pioneer movie, Cardall's goal was to produce an album that could stand on its own while still having an impact on the film.

"The songs on the soundtrack tell the story of Ephraim Hanks," said Cardall, a pianist, songwriter, recording artist and author, whose music is known for its unique, heartfelt style. "My hope is that this album will strengthen your faith and stir within you an appreciation for your heritage."

The movie, "Ephraim's Rescue," is based on the life of pioneer Ephraim Hanks, a frontiersman who joins The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and eventually plays a significant role in helping to rescue a group of handcart pioneers in 1856. The movie premieres in theaters on May 31.

The album notes come with photos from the movie and include a firsthand account of Hanks' experiences during the 1856 rescue as told to LDS Church historian Andrew Jenson in 1893.

The soundtrack also features music by names like Steven Sharp Nelson, Marshall McDonald, Ryan Shupe, Aaron Ashton, Trevor Price, Rob Gardner and Dallyn Vail Bayles.

"The musicians and artists that have come together to create this soundtrack have crafted just what I love for movie music, music that quickly creates a mood and enhances the visuals," Christensen said. "Without them the film would never come near reaching its potential for creating entertainment and for touching people's lives. Our great pioneer ancestors deserve nothing less."

Cardall is a descendant of James and Mary Laird, immigrants and Mormon converts from Ireland and Scotland who were in the handcart company rescued by Hanks. Knowing they were involved inspired Cardall as he worked on the project.

"As a descendant of pioneers who were rescued by Ephraim Hanks and his colleagues, I am personally grateful for the opportunity to compose original music for 'Ephraim's Rescue',” Cardall said. "I think most Utahns … are passionate about life and have determination to succeed because they (the pioneers) are in our blood. It's a great heritage."

The soundtrack for "Ephraim's Rescue" can be found at Deseret Book and where LDS products are sold.

Cardall produces soundtrack for 'Ephraim's Rescue'

Paul Cardall, pianist, songwriter, recording artist and author, recently composed and produced the soundtrack for T.C. Christensen's new film, "Ephraim's Rescue." In this video, Paul talks about the process he went through in producing the soundtrack and what it meant to him to be involved with the project.

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