Emery County Sheriff's Office
A body found May 4, 2013, in Emery County has been identified as Matthew Alan Larsen, 25, who had been missing since Dec. 15, 2012.

ORANGEVILLE, Emery County — The state medical examiner confirmed Wednesday that a body found Saturday is that of an Emery County man missing since December.

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Matthew Alan Larsen, 25, was last seen Dec. 15 near the foothills above Orangeville. When he didn't return, a family member reported him missing, noting he didn't tell anyone he was leaving and that he didn't take any equipment or his dog with him.

Search and rescue teams from the Emery County Sheriff's Office conducted air and land searches when Larsen went missing in December, but winter snowfall limited their efforts. Other searches were organized recently, including the search Saturday that included members of Larsen's church.

The body was located by an Emery County sheriff's lieutenant, and a Utah Highway Patrol helicopter was dispatched to lift it out of the remote, rugged area where it was found.