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Courtesy Salt Lake City School District
The new logo for West High School

SALT LAKE CITY — The Salt Lake City School District has unveiled new websites, logos and mascots for its three comprehensive high schools: East, Highland and West.

More than a year ago, the district sought to refresh and update the high school websites. The sites needed a new look and to be responsive to the growing trend of mobile Web browsing, district officials said.

Construction of the new sites began, and there was confusion surrounding the high school mascots and logos, according to a Salt Lake District news release. There was no simple location where employees, students and the community could go to find the official school logos and mascots. Accordingly, along with the website updates, it was decided to update the mascots and logos.

Committees consisting of parents, students, faculty and administrators were set up at each school to oversee the process. The committees met frequently to refine and define their respective mascots and logos.

The new logos can be found on the respective school websites: East, Highland, and West.