PROVO, Utah – The BYU men's soccer team starts its season strong with a 3–1 win over the Orange County Blues Strikers Football Club.

With approximately two months of exhibition play, the BYU Cougars prepared for a competitive season with a rigorous schedule. The Cougars competed against teams like the professional Real Salt Lake team, finalizing the Cougars' perfect line-up. Tuesday night the hard work paid off.

BYU started its first game by letting in one goal by Strikers player Gerzon Blanco. Determined to close the gap of 0–1, BYU’s Doug Clark passed to Kip Critchlow for the first BYU goal shortly after.

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The second goal of the night was scored by Clark, when Jonathan Junca earned a penatly kick. Clark finished the kick to pull BYU ahead of the tie for a score of 2–1. In the final minutes of the game, Junca chips the goalkeeper to seal the win 3–1 over the OC Strikers.

“It was a great win,” head coach Chris Watkins said. “We’re really proud of our guys. Any win on the road in our league is a huge accomplishment that really validates the hard work we did this preseason.”

BYU completed 195 passes in the game, taking seven shots on goal. Colby Bauer of BYU sustained the only injury for BYU with a broken nose.

The next BYU game will be Thursday, May 9, at 7 p.m. against the Fresno Fuego.

Brooke Arrington is the Media Specialist for the BYU mens' soccer team.