What I Love About You, Mom" is by Kate Marshall and David Marshall.

"WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YOU, MOM," by Kate Marshall and David Marshall, Plume, $14, 80 pages (nf)

A husband-and-wife team looking to create a unique, personal and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift came up with "What I Love About You, Mom." More substantial than a greeting card and less involved than a scrapbook, it is a guided journal paying homage to mothers.

The do-it-yourself tribute book provides writing prompts, checklists, and pages for photographs, drawings and mementos, all designed to capture memories and express gratitude and love.

The book is the sixth in a list of journals written by Kate and David Marshall, who strive to help individuals and families share their stories and celebrate their relationships.

The journal features five sections: Early Days, Admiring You, Appreciating You, Enjoying Us, and My Wishes for You, plus blank pages to provide additional messages or information. The book is so thorough that the extra pages are hardly needed. Geared especially toward mothers with older children and grandchildren, the journal can be adapted to moms of any age.

Prompts include expressions such as the following:

• I hope I’ve inherited half of your . . .

• Here’s a picture of us when I was young . . .

• One of the best parenting tips you gave or modeled was . . .

• Of the many gifts you’ve given me over the years, this one stands out . . .

• Here’s something I wish we could do more often . . .

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Gift certificates, presidential awards, and life lesson lists are valued additions to the book, while pages with superfluous checklists or sample patterns with which to fill in a “box of hugs” seem more like filler. Overall, the comprehensive journal, when filled with love, promises to be a treasured keepsake.

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